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  • "Venician Lace" Linen Cushion Covers Collection


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Inspired by the Lace designs of 18th Century Venice. In the lagoon that surrounds Venice lies an island named Burano, bespeckled with colourful houses. There’s a legend of an ancient betrothed (engaged) fisherman, who was fishing in the lagoons surrounding the Burano island. On his trip home, he came upon a siren who wouldn’t let him pass and attempted to entice him with her singing. He refused, staying faithful to his love back home. Enchanted by his faithfulness, the siren queen thumped the side of the fisherman’s boat with her tail, creating a wave of foam from which a wedding veil developed. The fisherman brought the veil back home and gifted it to his fiance on the day of their wedding. She was admired and envied by all the young ladies of Burano, who all set out to imitate the lace of the veil. This is the story of how the intricate Burano lace designs were born.

Simple & romantic

Sizes: 45 x 45; 35x45

Composition: 100% Linen ... and always with linen piping trim

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Venetian Lace Cushions White with Natural Embroidery Size 45 x 45

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Venetian Lace Cushions White with Black Embroidery Size 30x45

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