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Linen Things - the online store for the PURE LINEN range of fabrics and products

If you love linen, you’ll love Pure Linen’s range of fabrics, napery, bed linen and home décor products. If you are concerned about caring for linen, click here for information

Designed by Pure Linen’s proprietor - Marina Wiese – and manufactured in Europe exclusively for Australia and New Zealand under the “Pure Linen” label – our fabrics and products are of a quality which consistently amazes those who’ve seen it.

Two years of research and travel before registering the Pure Linen trademark and launching in June 2007, Pure Linen brings unique, classical and contemporary products to the Australasian market - Napery and bed linen that people had either never seen before or which they'd thought they would never see again.

The Environment and Quality Control - Growers of flax and manufacturers of linen since 1824, our manufacturers (who, by the way, have won Gold Medals for “Ecologically pure and safe production”) take special care at every step to ensure that the wonderful natural qualities of flax are maintained. Physical qualities like - spectacular durability, tensile strength, air permeability and heat conductivity and its amazing health benefits. 

Fabrics - Pure Linen’s collection includes fabrics for

  • Upholstery
  • Soft Furnishings – including cushions, curtains, lamp shades …
  • Napery and kitchen accessories
  • Bed linen
  • Residential and high-end commercial interiors
  • Screen and hand printing
  • Embroidery
  • Apparel - Fashion industry, sleepwear and children’s clothing

Napery – Pure Linen carries a huge range of matching and contrasting table cloths, napkins, runners and tea towels – to suit any décor – from Contemporary to French Provincial, to Country Style and Classical. 

Kitchen Accessories – Tea Towels, Aprons, Oven Gloves, Bread/Scone Sacks and other unique pieces in a wide range of styles and colours – including classy natural linen and vibrant colours to suit every taste.

Home Décor –

Cushions – plain, printed, hemstitched – specially designed to compliment our table linen ranges and soft furnishing fabrics. 
Bed spreads and duvet covers - specially designed to compliment our soft furnishing fabrics

Ben Linen – 100% Pure Linen sheets and pillow slip sets. The set includes a fitted bottom sheet, a very generous flat sheet and two large pillowcases.

Sensual texture and style - The sensation of lying between Pure Linen sheets is pure luxury. Once you have experienced the sensation of sleeping in pure linen sheets, you'll never go back.

People who have had the good fortune of sleeping in pure linen sheets have always known there is something very special and different about the experience.

Pure Linen is an Australian business. Wholly owned and operated by Australians. The products are either manufactured in Europe under our Pure Linen label to our specifications and designs or increasingly, made in Australia. We work closely with our growing number of agents and retailers to meet the demands of their clients. To see and feel our products, and for ease of ordering, you’ll find us at Australia’s leading trade fairs.

Best Regards

Marina Wiese 


• Exclusive - Pure Linen has exclusive rights to Australia and New Zealand from our European manufacturers – all products are made to our design. We can offer you exclusive designs as well, if your order is large enough.

• Eco Friendly - Did you know that linen uses five to twenty times less water and energy than cotton.

• Award Winning - Our suppliers are proud of their commitment to the environment – wining awards for their "Ecologically pure and safe production"

• Sell, buy, use and wear our linen with great pride in the knowledge that you are doing “your bit” for the environment!

Can you imagine the ultimate luxury of sleeping between pure linen sheets; serving dinner on a pure linen table cloth?

Spoil yourself and your friends and loved ones with classical, classy, environmentally friendly, pure linen.